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horta dolls
How To Grow

To grow hair dolls Horta is not difficult, simply by soaking the doll in a container of water with the head or back of the doll upside down for an hour .. Then put the doll on the container in order to accommodate the excess water .. Furthermore, sufficient to flush the doll's head with water every day .. Do not forget to put in the shade not to dry horta doll .. Smile

Doll Hair-Horta will grow in a week (sometimes faster) .. If hair is too long can be trimmed, as well as to make you stylish Horta  .. After about 2-3 months the grass will stop growing, and will turn blonde hair .. however, these wonderful dolls remain good to display ..  Smile

Stages in growing Dolls Horta as follows : 

1. Open up the plastic wrap dolls and soak in water for 1 hour with the positions reversed.
2. Put the doll in a container, protected from direct sunlight.
3. Watered every day. After 4-7 days the grass will start growing.
4. After two weekly dolls may occasionally dried, but not for too long and often well .. This serves to bright green grass ..
5. Dolls grew for 2-3 months depending on how care .. If still in plastic packaging Dolls Horta can persist for 3-4 months before the grown (seed expired)

Optimal Growth Tips:
1.First week period of growth is the most important. If the first week of the doll shortage of water or humid air conditions, it is likely the grass seed will not grow, or Even if such growth will not be too dense.

2. On the first Week do not to put the doll in place that is too humid and or exposed to direct sunlight.

3. To avoid fungus that grows, if the grass was rather long (more than one week after the grass grow), occasionally put the doll in the air outside is exposed to sunlight. If the mossy because humid conditions can be cleaned with a brush.
menanam horta gampang bangat,dan ada macam-macam boneka hewan.
Aku pernah tanam horta dari Kuark...
hortanya jadi punya rambut...
rumputnya lucu ya,kayak mainan.
kalau kepanjangan, rambutnya aku potong..
jadi bisa buat gaya kekinian..
Setelah rambutnya "mati", kira-kira masih bisa kita ganti atau tidak ya?
Bagaimana caranya?
Bisa Kuark..

kalau boneka hortaku gak bisa tumbuh lagi, jadi harus diganti bijinya dulu..

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